Set Free

About Set Free

Set Free Groups are designed to equip and help those who are struggling with maintaining sexual purity. Set Free Groups provide a powerful venue for focused accountability, studying, and growth. We truly want to foster an environment of trust and comradery to learn God’s design for intimacy, relationships, and our own patterns of behavior. 


Men’s and Women’s Set Free Groups will both begin mid-September. Groups meet throughout the week at various locations depending on participants’ availability.

How long are the Set Free group sessions?

Women’s Set Free Groups meet for 12 weeks. Men’s Set Free Groups meet for 8 weeks. Sessions are offered in the Fall and the Spring.


Men's Set Free registration is now open!


Women's Set Free registration is now open!


If you have any questions about our Set Free Groups don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

David Langley

David Langley

Men's Set Free Coordinator

Shaly Moyal

Shaly Moyal

Women's Set Free Coordinator

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