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Set Free - The Book of Exodus


Dominican Republic

Mission 2016

Get blog updates from our team in the Dominican Republic as they sow the Gospel in the city of Santo Domingo.

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Child Dedications at Walnut Creek Church

Child Dedications

On Mother's Day weekend, we publicly celebrate parents who commit to raise their child in the ways of the Lord—and do so in the midst of a community of believers.

May 7-8 @ All locations

Membership Class

Membership Class

Learn about the mission/vision of Walnut Creek Church with an opportunity to become a member.

May 23 @ WCD

Mission to the City

Mission to the City

Members of Walnut Creek set aside their busy schedules for a few days to serve Greater Des Moines with thousands of hours of community service.

May 26-30 in Des Moines

Walnut Creek Church has 4 locations in the Des Moines area: