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Easter Services at Walnut Creek Church


Easter Services at Walnut Creek Church

Easter Services & Series

Join us as we examine the reliability of the Biblical account of Christ's resurrection. 11 Easter weekend services in the Des Moines metro between March 30 & April 1.

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LIFT Campaign

LIFT Campaign

LIFT is a three-year capital campaign to help accelerate a growing gospel movement in Des Moines and around the world. Our vision is to elevate the name of Christ in our city and beyond.

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Visit Walnut Creek Church

Visit Walnut Creek

We have 11 different weekend services at 5 diverse locations in the Des Moines metro. Since visiting a new place can be a hard thing to do, we've put together some helpful information to make visiting as comfortable as possible.

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Walnut Creek Church mobile app

Mobile App

Get access to upcoming event info, sermons, Stories Journal, bulletin, and more around the clock on your phone, tablet, or watch.

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Walnut Creek Church has 5 locations in the Des Moines area: