In 2017, Walnut Creek Church introduced a two-fold vision. First, a desire to train, send and support 20 church members for planting churches overseas. Second, to provide monthly financial support for those 20 Goers. By God’s grace and through the generosity of the saints, we are nearing completion of that vision. By the end of 2024, we anticipate having over 20 Goers living overseas!

The Task of the Church

While we celebrate the work the Lord has done, we don't want to stop there. The task of the Great Commission is the task of the church, and we anticipate many more years of sending church members overseas. To assist in the ongoing financial support of overseas workers and better involve the church in this work, we are announcing the beginning of The 1040 Initiative.

The 1040 Initiative

The 1040 Initiative is an opportunity to gift $10.40 per month to the ongoing monthly support of Walnut Creek Church Goers. Partners in The 1040 Initiative will receive a quarterly newsletter. This newsletter will contain specific prayer requests for all our Goers, information on upcoming global events, helpful missions resources, and more.

Join the 1040 Initiative

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How to Sign Up

Click the link below to head to the Walnut Creek Church giving page. (If you already have a Church Center Profile, your information will auto populate. If not, it's easy to create an account!) Then, set up a monthly recurring gift of $10.40 towards the 1040 Initiative, and you've become a partner!

Sign up today!
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Next Steps

When your first donation is processed, you will receive a welcome email. (Keep an eye on your junk folder, just in case!) Fill out the form in the email to receive a free 1040 Initiative t-shirt as a thank you gift. After that, you can expect to receive quarterly newsletters in January, April, July, & October that will be sent to all 1040 Initiative Partners. We're grateful for your investment!


Why $10.40?
There are three reasons for this amount. The first is that the Global ministry of Walnut Creek Church began as "Walnut Creek 1040" in 2013. This was named after Matthew 10:40, "The one who welcomes you welcomes Me, and the one who welcomes Me welcomes Him who sent Me." The second reason is the 10/40 Window is a common missions term given to the area of the globe located between 10 degrees latitude and 40 degrees latitude north of the equator, containing North Africa, Middle East and Asia. Over 95% of the world's unreached peoples live in this part of the world. The third reason is that this dollar amount is an amount that we feel is feasible for everyone who wants to participate, but yet is also very meaningful when given monthly by a large portion of the church.
Can I give more than $10.40 per month?
No. If you desire to contribute more than $10.40 per month, we would suggest that in addition, you directly support an overseas worker. Please contact if this is something you would like to pursue.
Should this replace my monthly support of an individual overseas worker?
No. If you are currently supporting an individual overseas worker, we would not advise you to cancel that in order to join the 1040 Initiative.
Should this replace my regular giving to the local church?
No. We would first recommend a believer give financially to the support of their local church prior to joining the 1040 Initiative.
How else does the church support our overseas workers?
Walnut Creek has been growing in our support of overseas workers since we first began this task in 2017. Since we sent our first Goers at that time, we have continued to provide a fixed monthly support amount to all Goers that head to the field. Although not comprising the entirety or even majority of their financial needs, it is an amount that is very impactful to their overall financial needs. In 2020, we hired a full time staff member to help the shepherding of those desiring to go overseas, and the support of those overseas. In 2021, we purchased a house in Des Moines to be used by Goers when they return from the field on home assignment. In 2023 we began the process to build a four-unit housing complex on land in West Des Moines to function as temporary housing by Goers prior to departure to the field and while in Des Moines on home assignment. Additionally, church leaders regularly visit our Goers on the field in each of their contexts, and this is something that we will continue to strive for.
Can non-Walnut Creek Church members join?
Absolutely, we would love for you to join!
What will the money be used for?
Money raised through the 1040 Initiative will be used for the ongoing support of Goers sent out by Walnut Creek Church.
How do I join?
Check out the top of the page!
How do I cancel?
Cancel anytime by visiting the giving page or contacting
What if I have a desire to be more involved in our church's global ministry?
We would love for church members to be involved in our global ministry beyond financially giving on a monthly basis. Additional opportunities will be communicated in our quarterly 1040 Initiative newsletter. If you would like to speak to someone on our Global Team about more involvement, please email and we would love to meet with you.
Where are our overseas workers located?
Due to security reasons, we do not openly share the countries our overseas workers are located in. However, they are all located within the 10/40 Window (North Africa, Middle East & Asia). If you would like more information, please reach out to the Global Team and they would be happy to connect and share more details.