Set Free

Find help and accountability in your pursuit of sexual purity

Set Free Groups are designed to equip and help those who are struggling with maintaining sexual integrity by providing a powerful venue for focused accountability, studying, and growth. Our aim is to foster an environment of trust and camaraderie to learn God’s design for intimacy, relationships, sex, and understand our own patterns of behavior.


Men’s and Women’s Set Free Groups are available in the Fall and Spring. Groups meet throughout the week at various locations depending on participants’ availability.


Men's and Women’s Set Free Groups meet for 12 weeks.

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Set Free FAQs

What is the purpose of Set Free?
The purpose of Set Free is to provide encouragement, accountability, and some instruction regarding God’s design for intimacy, relationships, and our own patterns of behavior. Set Free is not professional counseling. If professional counseling is needed, we can refer you to trusted counselors for more help. The goal is to learn to be free from guilt and shame so that we can pursue and be used by God. We hope to help you recognize patterns of sin in your life and allow you a safe space in which you may bring your sin into the light. We also hope to help you understand areas of your life that may be languishing due to lack of care or understanding.
Can you start attending a Set Free group any time throughout the year?
No, group members can only join during the registration time for that session. The Set Free process is dependent on the entire group faithfully and consistently attending each session. The sessions are purposefully designed to be a group process, and each group member has something unique to contribute.


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