Why Providence?

Currently, there is no Evangelical Church in Providence with more than one service.

Providence is very lost.
Barna Group reports that only 2% of the cities’ population are Evangelical.

Providence is a decisive point.
“Decisive point” is a military term that means, “a place that is significant enough to
matter and small enough to take.” Providence is the capital of Rhode Island, the largest
city in Rhode Island and has a significant amount of college students. Providence is also
a mid-sized city which has a greater probability of keeping college students and young
families (especially compared to college towns and global cities). We have seen all of
these principles in Des Moines.

Providence has a lot of college students.
There are about 60,000 students that live within a 20 minute driving radius of
Downtown Providence.

Providence is more secular.
Providence is ranked as one of the most post-Christian cities in the United States. Ministering there will provide a lot of lessons for Campus Fellowship and Walnut Creek. This will help us minister to our progressively more secular environment.

Providence has relational connections.
Sasha Van Sickle grew up near Providence. Evan and Nichole Stark are currently living in Providence. There are other Christians in Providence who have shown interest in starting another church.

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