Frequently Asked Questions

How many will go?
Walnut Creek plans to send 30-60 people. This is enough to start a modest service. This
is especially important in a post-Catholic city where “the service” is the only definition
of church.

Who will go?
Below is the tentative staff team (plus spouses).
• Jacob and Sasha Van Sickle – Pastor
• Jordan and Lexi Anderson – College Ministry Director
• Tanner Van Beek – College Ministry Staff
• Jen Davis – College Ministry Staff

The tentative non-staff team
• Taylor and Zoe Harville
• Evan and Nichole Stark
• Andrew Montgomery
• Ben Weber and EB Adams
• Mark Elliott
• Grace Kaetterhenry

When will these things happen?
Below is the tentative timeline:
• June 2020 – Begin to meet monthly for prayer and interest meetings.
• July/August 2020 – Vision trip to Rhode Island
• October 2020 – Church Planter Assessment for Jacob Van Sickle
• November 2020 – Announce to church
• December 2020 – Applications to be accepted for church plant team.
• January – March 2021 – Phase 1 for Church Plant (a time for people to meet more
intentionally and decide if they want to join the church plant).
• April 2021 – People decide if they want to go.
• May 2021- August 2022 – Year of moving, learning city, and organic growth.
• September 2022 – Launch church services.

What should I do if I’m interested in going?
Below are some ways to get connected:
• Contact Jacob Van Sickle / (515) 770-1778 / jacob.vansickle@campusfellowship.com
• Contact anyone on the tentative team.
• Come to one of our Open House Info Meetings on either Oct. 11 or Nov. 1.
• Text “RI” to 510-241-4145 to receive prayer updates.

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