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Pastor Stasos Clark

Stasos Clark

Stasos first began attending Walnut Creek Church during Fall 2004 as a freshman at Drake University. Having grown up in a Christian family, Stasos began to develop a personal understanding of what it truly meant to follow Christ as he got connected with the men and women of Campus Fellowship.

Upon graduation, Stasos went on staff with Walnut Creek Church and continued to serve at Drake through Campus Fellowship. He has continued on staff with the church since then in a variety of roles and is currently the Music and Production Director.

Stasos and his wife Teresa have four children: Rozlyn, Silas, Leo, and Vaughn. They serve together at the Altoona location.

Pastor Darrin Miedema

Darrin Miedema

Darrin has been following Christ since the summer of 2003. As a sophomore at Drake University he became actively involved in Campus Fellowship there as well as at Walnut Creek Church. Darrin helped launch Walnut Creek’s Downtown location where he has served as a deacon, and led worship and Community Groups since 2007.

Darrin and his wife McKenna have three children: Jackson, Eleanor, and Ruby. They serve at the Altoona location where Darrin is a teaching pastor.


Greg Altmaier

Greg Altmaier

Originally from Iowa City, Greg has worked at Principal Financial Group as an accountant since 2008. He played football at Central College in Pella and graduated with a degree in accounting. Greg became a Christian in February 2009, the same year he began attending Walnut Creek Church. Greg and his wife Haley have three girls: Harper, Willow, and Juniper. They serve at the Downtown location, where Greg is a Community Group leader and works with the 10/40 Ministry.

Pastor Bruce Crane

Bruce Crane

In 1984, Bruce and his wife, Becky, moved to Des Moines with a small group of people from a sister church in Ames to plant Walnut Creek Church. Bruce was recognized as a pastor in April 1993. Bruce graduated from Central College, and Becky graduated from UNI. They met each other at a Bible church in Becky's hometown of Allison, Iowa. Bruce and Becky both trusted Christ during their high school days and have been following Christ ever since. They have been blessed with five children: Mike, Jon, Tim, Stephen, and Faith.

Bruce works at Principal Financial as a Senior IT Analyst and since 2012, has also served as a chaplain for the Iowa Cubs. Bruce leads weekly chapel services with the team while Becky serves as the Women’s Baseball Chapel Leader, meeting with the wives and girlfriends of the players and coaches.

Pastor Luke Hukee

Luke Hukee

Luke has been involved with Walnut Creek Church since his salvation in July 2003 and graduated from Drake University in 2006. Since then, Luke has been on staff with the church, assisting in leading Walnut Creek Downtown and multiple Bible studies. Luke is looking forward to continually serving his family and this fellowship. Luke and his wife, Christy, have 5 children: Leighton, McCabe, Brooks, Wynnlee, and Neve.

Jess Richey

Jess Richey

Jess Richey has been a pastor at Walnut Creek Church since December 2012 and a member of the church for more than 12 years. He and his wife, Carla, have four children: Kaisa, JJ, Zander, and Roman. In addition to helping oversee our Downtown location, Jess also serves as the Walnut Creek office manager. Jess is an Urbandale native and a graduate of Drake University, where he played soccer for four years.

Pastor Dan Rude

Dan Rude

Dan enjoys serving his family and the church, reading the Bible, sharing the gospel, and hanging out with his family and friends. The idea that we represent Christ to this world is a truth that helped Dan make sense of the Bible and the commands of God. After understanding God's love for him, and that he can join the creator of all things in doing something that counts for eternity, his life has never been the same. Dan and his wife, Meg, have been happily married since 2007. The Lord has blessed them with five children: Quinn, Rex, Myla, Titan, and Jett.

Highland Park

Pastor Bob Joy

Bob Joy

Bob and Jo, his wife of 31 years, have been part of Walnut Creek Church since its early beginnings, joining the plant team from Ames in the fall of 1984. Bob and Jo have six children, and Bob has his own CPA practice and is the Financial Officer for the Episcopal Diocese of Iowa. In addition, Bob oversees the finances at Walnut Creek and teaches at the Highland Park congregation.

Pastor Joel Swanson

Joel Swanson

When Joel was in 9th grade, he gave his life to Christ after hearing the testimony of a pitcher on the Iowa State baseball team. He went to Iowa State University where he received degrees in Religious Studies, Elementary Education, and a masters in Education. In 2004, Joel went on staff with Youth For Christ of Central Iowa, ministering to students at Hoover High School, Meredith Middle School, and East High School. He continues to minister at each of these schools through breakfast clubs, basketball outreaches, Bible studies, and volunteering on campus. Joel and his wife, Selena, were married in 1995 and have six children: Bethany, Lydia, Gabe, Helen, Evelyn, and Lillian. Joel teaches at our Highland Park congregation. 


Mike Lock

Mike Lock

Mike and his wife, Jenessa, have focused the last five years on ministering within Burmese refugee populations in Des Moines, specifically working within the Karen and Karenni people. Michael and Jenessa have five boys and are both optometrists at Lock Family Eye Care in West Des Moines. The Locks have been a part of Walnut Creek since 2012. Mike was recognized as a deacon in 2015 and serves as a pastor for the Karenni service. 



Pastor Jon Crane

Jon Crane

Jon Crane grew up in Walnut Creek Church as the son of Pastor Bruce Crane and his wife Becky. Jon has been actively involved in the church’s college ministry since 2003, the year he began attending Drake University. In 2007 Jon went on staff with Walnut Creek to help with college ministries and church planting. Jon serves at Walnut Creek South as a teaching pastor and Community Group leader with his wife, Agatha, and their three kids: Dawson, Wesley, and Avianna.

Jon Schreiner

Jon Schreiner

Jon Schreiner began attending Walnut Creek Church in 2002 as a freshman at Drake University. He came to know Christ as his savior that same year through Campus Fellowship at Drake and upon graduation went on staff to help start the Grand View Campus Fellowship. Jon served for several years as the College Ministries Director for Drake and Grand View before becoming a pastor in 2013. Jon and his wife, Jenny, have six children: Owen, Eden, Ada, Henry, Ashlee, and David. 

Windsor Heights

Pastor Mike Bourland

Mike Bourland

Mike and his family moved to Des Moines in 1993. Mike works as a civil engineer and has served as a pastor with Walnut Creek Church since 2003, serving for many years in children’s ministry with Kids' Classes, Awana, and Parent-Teen Ministry. Mike and his wife, Dawn, are blessed with seven children. They met while attending the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, where they committed to living their lives for Christ.

Pastor Tim Greeno

Tim Greeno

Tim came to know Christ in 2005 at Drake University, the same year that he began attending Walnut Creek Church. Tim was involved with the Walnut Creek West church plant and Campus Fellowship ministry at AIB College. Tim serves as a pastor in Windsor Heights and also works as an actuary at Nationwide Insurance. Tim and his wife, Jenna, have five children: Noah, Jeshua, Kolbie, Micah, and Reid.

Pastor Steve Rude

Steve Rude

Steve grew up in Walnut Creek Church and began really following the Lord in high school. At Drake University Steve was part of the church’s first student group on campus. Following graduation, Steve spent the next 8 years helping lead the campus ministries at Grand View and DMACC, as well as spending time on international mission trips. Steve and his wife, Amber, have four children: Hudson, Mia, Elsie, and Levi. They serve at the Windsor Heights location.

Pastor Tim Rude

Tim Rude

In 1987, Tim moved with his family to Des Moines to become the founding pastor of a small church started a couple of years earlier. Since the first meeting, which was held in a church member's living room, Walnut Creek Church has grown to around 1,500 people attending weekend services. Tim and his wife Nancy are graduates of Iowa State University where they met each other and were married in 1975. As college students they both became believers in the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ and have served Christ together since then. Tim and Nancy have been blessed with 10 children and 25 grandchildren (so far).