Goer Prayer Requests Fall 2020

Middle East Goer Single:
  • Increased joy and satisfaction in seeking the presence of the Lord.
  • Wisdom and grace for our team to grow in deeper unity and like-mindedness.
Middle East Goer Single:
  • Endurance in Arabic language learning. To be steadfast and find joy.
  • For the country to have a just government and care to be provided for those in need.
Middle East Goer Family:
  • Wisdom in planning next steps toward moving to our long-term country of service.
  • Opportunities and courage to share the message with local friends.
Middle East Goer Family:
  • Wisdom to know how to specifically target weak areas in language and get the most out of studying.
  • For times in the Word to continually refresh us and bring the Gospel front and center.
Radius Goer Singles:
  • Balancing classroom time, homework, student relationships, and local friendships.
  • Wisdom on future teammates, locations, and agencies.
  • Deepening intimacy with the Lord despite busyness of schedule.
Radius Goer Family:
  • For our daughters to build long lasting relationships with other kids on campus.
  • Unity as a family in the midst of a variety of time and energy demands.
Mercy Ships Goer Family:
  • That Covid-19 would not change departure plans in January.
  • Fundraising would continue to be fruitful and for His glory alone.

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