Sand volleyball at Jordan Park Camp in West Des Moines

Jordan Park Volleyball

League info

Competitive & Recreational Volleyball. Enjoy sand volleyball with your friends at scenic Jordan Park in West Des Moines..

  • Members of Walnut Creek Church are encouraged to register through their Community Group.
  • Each team must have at least two adults (21+) to play in the league.


For 6’s, competitive teams should almost always be setting up a bump-set-spike combo. Please note that each division has a cap, and you may be asked to consider another division if needed. All teams are co-ed and at least half the players on the court must be females.

  • 4’s Competitive: 4-8 Players per team, Price: $150.00 (Wednesday nights only*)
  • 6’s Competitive: 6-10 Players per team, Price: $150.00
  • 6’s Recreational: 6-10 Players per team, Price: $150.00

*The night for 4’s is subject to change.
*First come, first served basis.


Step 1: Register

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Step 2: Sign a Waiver

Each player must complete by May 27

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Registration is open until Monday, May 27. There are 7 weekly regular season games, from June 5 to July 25 (No games July 4). July 24 is a make-up week for weather cancellations (a regular season game will be played if make-up game not applicable).

1st round of tournament will be July 31–August 1. 2nd round of tournament will be August 7–8. Remaining rounds of tournament will be on Friday, August 9 coinciding with the end-of-season BBQ. Tournament will be seeded based on regular season results and will be single elimination.

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