Continuing Virtual Gathering Plans

Walnut Creek Family,
First, we want to say we miss you all! We have been greatly encouraged by the love and incredible acts of generosity, faith, and kindness of the church. We feel so blessed as pastors to see how you all have rallied around one another and fought to stay connected during these trying times. We are blown away by the awesome love of God displayed through His church.
Earlier this week, Governor Reynolds issued a proclamation easing restrictions in some counties across the state. In particular, in recognition of constitutional liberties, Governor Reynolds has lifted restrictions on spiritual and religious gatherings beginning Friday, May 1. We are thankful for this recognition. However, social distancing is still urged, the peak of new positive cases is still expected to be weeks away, and all current restrictions and closures remain in place in the counties in which we gather until at least May 15.
With that in mind, we will continue to operate in the same rhythms we have established over the last several weeks: virtual Community Groups, online weekend services, and regular phone calls, FaceTime, and Zoom meetings. We anticipate that this rhythm of gathering will continue for at least several more weeks. As we get more information and guidelines are updated, we will continue to keep the church informed of any changes on our plans moving forward.
We will be together again, and we greatly look forward to that day. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to take advantage of this unique season: pray, grow in love for the Lord, be gospel-centered and confident, love your neighbors, walk in wisdom. Know that we are praying for you all diligently.
In Christ,
Pastor Tim Greeno