Making disciples of unreached & unengaged people groups


10/40 is a ministry of Walnut Creek Church with the mission to equip and send long-term missionaries to the unengaged across the world, while making disciples of all the unreached people groups in Des Moines. 10/40 is made up of members of Walnut Creek Church who have a desire to be involved in long-term cross-cultural ministry, either in Des Moines or abroad.


10/40 has both a Phase 1 and Phase 2 program. These groups open up each summer and fall. 10/40 also hosts a monthly international prayer meeting one Sunday a month for anyone who would like to pray for the nations and learn more about God’s heart for the world.


Phase 1 groups meet in small teams for 10 weeks each summer, and Phase 2 groups meet weekly in small teams for 9 months starting each September.

10/40 FAQs

What is the Phase 1 program?

Phase 1 is a 10-week program designed to align Christians’ hearts with God’s global passion, help Christians determine their role in the Great Commission and to equip Christians to be more effective long-term disciplemakers. Participants in Phase 1 will be exposed to cross-cultural ministry in a team based environment and will ultimately decide if long-term cross-cultural ministry is right for them. The Phase 1 program takes place each summer in Des Moines.

What is the Phase 2 program?

Phase 2 is a 9-month program designed to equip and train Christians for long-term cross-cultural mission work, both here and abroad. Phase 2 is designed to raise up long-term workers that will be sent out by Walnut Creek Church to plant churches among unreached and unengaged people groups.

Get to know the amazing people who make our ministries happen

From the team:

Greg Altmaier
“10/40 is an opportunity for all of Walnut Creek Church to be involved in the advancement of God’s global gospel around the world today. Whether it is going or sending, praying or giving, we all have a role to play. 10/40 exists to help individuals see what role they play in God’s larger story.”

— Greg Altmaier

10/40 Director

Join a 10/40 Program

If you're interested in learning more about God's heart for the nations, joining a 10/40 Phase 1 group might be a good next step.