A foundational step of faith for every follower of Christ


We’re excited that you’re considering baptism! We believe baptism is a foundational step of faith for every follower of Christ. Here are a few notes about our beliefs & practices regarding baptism:

Baptism is for followers of Christ. Baptism is to be practiced by those who have repented of their rebellion toward God and trusted in Jesus as Lord and Savior. (See Acts 2:36-41, Acts 10:44-48)
Baptism is to be practiced by immersion in water. The word baptism comes from the Greek word “baptizō,” which means to immerse; to submerge; to make fully wet. (See John 3:22-24, Matthew 3:13-17, Acts 8:34-38)

Baptism is an outward symbol of an inward change. It is a picture of what God did for you and what happened to you when He saved you. (See Romans 6:1-5)

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Simply fill out the Baptism Interest Form and we’ll get in contact with you about next steps. Through baptism, believers have an opportunity to declare their commitment to Jesus, share their story about Jesus, and be obedient to Jesus. We think that’s worth celebrating! Baptisms are held regularly at each of our Walnut Creek locations.

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